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Gertrude’s personal journey, safari and
experiences (in summary)

Gertrude’s core messages…

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Gertrude’s personal journey, safari and experiences ( in summary)

In my treatment room you will see I have many certificates, diplomas and qualifications hanging on my wall. While from a professional point of view they are deemed necessary and they make me feel proud, in no way do they reflect what I do today or who I really am. I am a very real, practical and true person. What I say I mean and I believe from the bottom of my heart, we can all help ourselves, are responsible for ourselves and the little things really do make the biggest difference. We all need to take a step back to basics, get them working first and then reap the rewards as they say in feeling long lasting life changing results.

I grew up on a farm, in Co, Kildare where all kinds of home-grown food were all my family knew. The make-up of food, its origins, it taste, colours etc always intrigued me therefore I went on to study food science and technology and spent over thirteen years managing hazards in the food industry. I love ‘real’ natural simple food and when I began having reactions to everything I ate I was alarmed and was told to avoid them all. I couldn’t, there was nothing left to eat…and I didn’t actually feel any better.

Of course I went down the traditional route first, not at all thinking they wouldn’t be able to find the solution. I was shocked, devastated and downright frustrated to say the least when I was told repeatedly “We cannot find anything wrong with you”, Great and I was very thankful there was nothing serious wrong with me yet why was I feeling so bad. It did not make any sense to me. In 2004 I went to a health-show to see Dr Gillian McKeith and came across Kinesiology. I was suffering from the long list of symptoms they said they could help with including a constant runny nose, stuffed up sinuses, severe migraines, chronic tiredness, food sensitivities, back problems, stress and much more.

Today I am migraine free, can eat what I want when I want, have energy like I never had before. I really never thought this joy and freedom existed until I experienced first-hand the healing power of my own body and healing the true cause behind the symptoms. I thankfully got to the root cause of my ill health through a series of alternative health treatments. I had a severely congested liver and run down immune system from years of parasitic toxins in my body which went right back to when I was a young child..

As a result of my entire life being transformed I began reading, learning, studying, consuming anything everything I possibly could as I just had to find out and experience more. I knew I had to study it to help people like you and others who are suffering in silence and frustration like I once did. I believe health is our life and therefore I have called myself a health for life practitioner. Since then I quit my fulltime food science job and have dedicated all my energy into making a difference in other people lives in my clinic.

I can empathise with you as I know it can be a very lonely, isolated and worrying place not knowing what is wrong with you and having no one to understand what is going on inside.

From my wealth of experience there can be so many different reasons for you feeling sluggish, low in energy, tired, nauseous/unwell, having food sensitivities, chemical sensitivities, not absorbing nutrition even though you are eating healthy, blood sugar imbalances, skin conditions, weight problems, sinus/allergy issues, pain, inflammation, anxiety, stress, sleep problems and so on. The cause may be due to adrenal stress and exhaustion, low hydrochloric acid/digestive enzymes.. food intolerances, emotional upsets, toxin overloads from parasites, viruses, bacteria, hormonal imbalances, poor diet/lifestyle, high alcohol consumption, digestive problems, sleep disturbances, TMJ Syndrome misaligned jaw, past accidents/injuries, past traumas and so on to name just a few.

Please refer to my blog which is updated weekly with articles explaining numerous common conditions which I am sure you will relate to.

Please go to my treatments page to learn more about my treatments.

I truly hope you enjoy reading the rest of my website and I hope it gives you some encouragement, enlightenment, clues and reassurance regarding your health condition. Taking the first step and trying something new and different is always the hardest step…when you make the commitment to take that step, that is when a new world can open up for you. Today I encourage you to take one small step for YOU, Whether that is drink more water, get to bed early, have a nourishing meal, a laugh, make an appointment whatever…one small step can make all the difference.

I look forward to the opportunity of working with you and our paths meeting again sometime soon,

The best news is, you can get help. All you need to do now is go for it.

Health and Happiness Always,


Gertrude’s core messages for you right now are…

1. I am here to Encourage you… I think the little word courage is an amazing word. To me it means having the guts and the freedom to live your life being true to yourself, standing up for yourself and having the inner strength to overcome the daily challenges which we all meet. I promise you during our treatments together I will support you, praise you, listen to you and encourage you whenever you need it.

2. I am here to Enlighten you… a close friend and mentor always says to me I see you as the guiding light helping so many people. I love the symbolism of the word light. I believe with all my heart there is always light at the end of the long dark lonely tunnel. The problem is when we are feeling down, ill or suffering from long term chronic health problems with little support we can feel the exact opposite. During our journey together I promise to enlighten you about your body, mind and emotions. How they work and how each and every part of you, your mind, your body and your spirit are so intrinsically connected. By changing one of the areas, it has an immediate knock on benefit on each of the other areas. When we as a whole are in harmony, true health is the result.

3. I am here to Empower you…I believe knowledge is power, however knowledge on its own is simply not enough. Knowing and doing are two completely different things. I promise during our work together I will equip you with basic powerful tips and techniques which you can continue to do yourself to help you feel better… This is empowering as I believe we all have a responsibility to ourselves to look after ourselves, the problem is many do not know how…here is where I will enlighten you.. Many others do not believe they can…here is where I encourage you and believe YOU CAN do anything you want to do.

PS. Gertrude’s word of warning!!…
Everyone leaves my treatment room with a homework sheet. (Here I am smiling as the teacher within me comes out…. )Yes …You walk away with my recommendations, recipes, rescue tips or follow up action steps written down for you in simple steps so you can put them into action every-day or as required.

Gertrude’s commitment to you…

My commitment to you is to meet you right now where ever you are and take you where you need to go. What do I mean by this, I mean if you are not ready to give up sugar and feel you shouldn’t be eating it…then we will get to the root of why you have such sugar cravings, why you need something to comfort you…

When people come to me and they are drinking no water… I say that is ok, I encourage them to drink one glass today, I enlighten them and increase their knowledge perhaps as to why they may need it and then I encourage you to take what you know and practice it…use it, Right now…if you do not drink water…that is ok…I encourage you to start today with one glass.